"Revolutionizing Restorations:
Pete's Exclusive LS Swap Mastery Unveiled"

Simple, Economical, Time Efficient

“Embark on a transformative journey with Pete’s LS Swap Package, where engineering precision and dedication merge to redefine automotive excellence, ensuring your classic rides into the future with unparalleled performance and style.”

Discover the unparalleled excellence of Pete's proprietary LS swap package, a masterpiece of engineering precision honed through years of dedicated refinement. At Pete's, we pride ourselves on delivering an optimal blend of top-tier components, efficiency, and value, ensuring your build is not just completed, but masterfully crafted in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The journey of transformation begins the moment your vehicle arrives at our facility. Our meticulous process starts with a comprehensive teardown, stripping the vehicle down to its bare bones. This crucial step allows us unrivaled access to the vehicle's undercarriage, enabling us to expertly address any signs of wear or damage. From repairing rust to applying a robust undercoat, our team works diligently to reduce road noise, enhance heat insulation, and fortify the metal against future corrosion.

But our attention to detail doesn't stop there. We expertly sandblast, repair, and modify the chassis, culminating in a powder coating finish that not only adds durability but also prepares it for the seamless reintegration with the body, now enhanced with new bushings for superior handling and ride quality. Prior to the heart of the transformation—the engine installation—the firewall and engine bay receive an exhaustive cleanup, ensuring a pristine environment for the new powerhouse.

As we progress to the wiring, cooling, fuel system, brakes, and suspension, every step is executed with precision, ensuring no detail is overlooked. This exhaustive process guarantees a vehicle that not only meets but exceeds showroom quality, offering you the comfort and reliability of a brand-new car wrapped in the allure of a classic.

For those seeking a more tailored approach, Pete's also offers a selection of à la carte services. This personalized option ensures that every moment you spend with us is maximally beneficial, allowing you to choose only the services your project requires.

Step into the world of Pete's, where your automotive dreams are transformed into reality, meticulously crafted to stand the test of time.

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